3 Celebrities That Are Looking After The Environment

Anyone can be an environmentalist, it doesn’t matter how much money one has or how much influence. Yet money, fame and influence can help a lot in the fight against climate change and the goal to make our world a better place for our children. Knowing this it comes as no surprise that a lot of famous celebrities and A list actors are actually great environmentalists as well. These celebrities use their high income to found different organizations and their fame is a valuable tool of persuading more and more people to start caring about the environment.

Here we will present three of the top Hollywood actors which dedicate part of their money and a lot of their free time to help in the fight against pollution and to save the Earth.

Natalie Portman

There is no doubt that the astonishing actress is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. She had become a household name ever since here outstanding performance in Leon: The Professional and has amazed once more the audience with here brilliant role in Black Swan. No one would deny that Portman has a distinguished acting career, but she has accomplished way more than that. Natalie studies Psychology at Harvard and is a polyglot, which helps her significantly with her environmental activities. Most recently she lent her voice for the divestment in oil and coal companies  campaign. But that’s not all, she is a dedicated vegan which subsequently helps the nature as well.

Emma Watson

While she is not making spells with her friends as Hermione Granger or singing next to ferocious beast as Bell, the young starlet is dedicating her free time for a lot of notable causes. She is the face of the UN #HeForShe campaign, but also she is a great environmentalist and a strong supporter of sustainability and advocate for recycling of waste and its incorporation in garments. Watson also has raised her voice against the use of non-organic fabrics.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo has been fan favorite for many years and finally he won a well-deserved Oscar. But ever since he became world famous he started his environmental work. In 1998 he created the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation “to support organizations and initiatives dedicated to securing a sustainable future for our planet”. Since than Leo has been involved in number of pressing environmental issues like access for clean water, disaster relief, preservation of biodiversity and The Earth’s oceans among others.

DiCaprio currently is in the board of directors of important environmental organizations like WWF, Global Green USA, NDRC and the International Fund for Animal Welfare. He also produced several critically acclaimed documentary movies like The 11th Hour, which provides the public with crucial information of Earth’s problems and several solutions for them.