About us

We have only one home, only one place in the known universe we are sure that humans can survive. This place is our planet Earth. We lived here for Millennia and we exploited our Mother Earth for her resources, her creatures and her waters. But never before we did it in such scale as we do it today and this brings harm to her. In the name of prosperity and better life we are rape our planet and we destroy the very nature we are dependent on.

We have nowhere else to go, so why are we so eager to destroy our beautiful blue marvel? Why are we poisoning our atmosphere, and why are we trying to make our cities uninhabitable with smog and ashes from the factories that are trying to make our lives easier? The biggest problem with pollution is that it poisons the air we are breathing and this might kill us much faster than the global warming. Every day we are making our habitat more unfriendly and we are dooming ourselves to a slow but very painful death.

This is where we come in. We are the Cease Pollution Project, a non-profit organization,which sole mission is to make the world a better place to live. How we are going to do this? Well it’s quite easy – we will just show you how to make your life more eco-friendly, how to protect yourself from the harms of pollution and how to spot companies which are big polluters, no matter if they say they have “green” politics. We will expose those big international conglomerates that put profit above all- above the environment, above human life. We will introduce you to some people, whose actions made a great difference in the fight for our Mother Earth. Our goal is to make you sure, that you are the one that can save our planet and convince you to do it if not for the nature and for the Earth, do it for yourself. Because the pollution affects us all and can kill us all.

So… will you help us, help you?