How to Protect Yourself from Air Pollution

Living in the big city has a lot of privileges. You have great public transport, a lot of stuff to do, an amazing variety of almost everything you need. There are a lot of places to have fun, outstanding job opportunities and of course business ones as well. If you are a people’s person you will feel right at home, because literary you can meet a new person every hour for the rest of your life.

Living in the big city has its downsides as well. Traffic jams, noise, light pollution, Depending on where you live you can be subjected to unbearable noise almost 24 hours a day. Although you have a lot of opportunities, there are a lot of people that are looking at the same opportunities and the competition is enormous. Not to mention the stress you are subjected to every single hour of your life, thanks to the intense way of life in this places.

One of the biggest problems with living in the big city is the polluted air. The World Health Organization reported that due to air pollution and environmental risks there are 1.7 million child deaths every year. This horrifying statistics shows that air pollution is not a myth and it’s not something we can turn our backs on. While city administrations and State governments must implement top-down measures to fight air pollution, those who live in more susceptible environments can’t wait for the politicians to make up their mind. All of us, and especially those of us who live near major roadways or factories must protect themselves from the polluted air.   There are several easy prevention steps you can take.

First of all you should understand wind patterns. Wind currents change several times during the day and it blows the pollution either towards or away from your home. In coastal areas wind patterns for example are predictable, since usually the sea breeze is constantly blowing from the sea and from the shore. When the breeze is blowing the polluted air to your home, close the windows, and wait till it changes directions to open them again.

Another thing you can do is to keep track of the weather, since whenever it gets warmer, the pollution from cars, factories and other polluters react with the heat and become more dangerous. This usually peaks in the early afternoon in summer time. So plan your exercises, walks and other outdoor activities in the city at some other time.

Probably the best thing you can do to protect yourself and your family from city pollution is to use high efficiency air purifier. This will reduce pollutant particle levels in your home and keep them at bay no matter how polluted the air outside is.

Try this easy protection solutions and don’t wait for your governing bodies to take care of the pollution problem at once.